Умные ПДУ LED Magic Flying Ball

LED Magic Flying Ball

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This amazing flying ball is fun for the entire family, especially for children aged 5+ who are going crazy over this toy! 


  • Keep you and your family entertained for hours.
  • Bring the party to life with the flying lights.
  • Leave you wanting more LED Magic Flying Balls to play with.

    "My son can't get enough of the LED Magic Flying Ball!" - Evelyn M.

    Amazing benefits:

    • Clear Crystal Ball: with 2 sets of wings imitating a magical fairy, and a sturdy balancing pole.
    • Brilliant Colorful Light: vibrantly illuminating the entire room.
    • Advanced LED Infrared Sensor: allows it to be motion-sensitive so it detects nearby objects and is programmed to move away from them.
    • USB Rechargeable Battery: powers the motor and flashing LED lights so you're ready to play once it arrives.
    • Perfect Gift: for children and teenagers!

    Package Includes: 

    The LED Magic Flying Ball with its USB charging cable and a separate Yellow Remote Control.

    How to play?

    No need to touch the ball. Simply place your hand under it to send it back into the air.

    First play in an open but enclosed area like a living room or area beneath the stairs. Once you turn it on, it will fly up a few feet (18-24"). Catch it before it crashes into anything when first starting until you're used to controlling it.

    It becomes easy to manage and direct when walking slowly. After getting used to controlling it, you can move freely around and play games to keep the ball up. You can also control it manually with the Yellow Remote Control.

    To catch it, wait until it's right in front of you between your waist and shoulder height, otherwise, when it's above your head, your hands will make it fly higher.

    Allow your kids to be creative and watch them go CRAZY over it!


    Questions & Answers:

    Q: Does it need batteries?

    A: The LED Magic Flying Ball is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable.

    Q: What does the package come with?

    A: The package comes with 1 LED Magic Flying Ball, a USB charging cable, and a separate Yellow Remote Control.